India bans rapist’s TV interview blaming women for sexual assaults

A television documentary featuring an interview with a man convicted of gang raping and killing a woman in Dehli has now been banned in India.

During the interview Mukesh Singh said Indian women have only themselves to blame if they venture out at night and attract the unwanted attention of others.

Singh was the driver of the bus the night Jyoti Singh boarded with her friend after a night out at the cinema. The 23-year-old was raped and beaten with iron bars.

She later died from her injuries in an incident that prompted widespread demonstrations across India and outrage around the world.

Singh’s comments were made during an interview for a BBC television documentary “India’s Daughter” which had now been banned in India.

British filmmaker Leslie Ukwin produced the documentary “India’s Daughter.”

“I got an insight and an understanding into the way he (Mukesh Singh, one of the convicts in the gang rapecase) views women and that is what is extremely shocking. Not what he did but what he thinks that led him to do what he did and it’s not just he who thinks that. It is a societal problem,” said Ukwin.

India, where many people have long believed that women are responsible for rape, was shocked into action after the 2012 attack.

Singh and three other men were convicted in 2013.

They confessed to the attack but later retracted their confessions, saying they’d been tortured into admitting their involvement.

Appeals against their death sentences are pending in India’s Supreme Court.

India’s daughter will still be shown on Sunday (March 8), International Women’s Day, in Britain, Denmark, Sweden and several other countries.