Jalangó and Omondi Forced out of Rugby Union


The Kenya Rugby Union Board has taken the first step in cleaning up house after the election of new chairman Richard Omwella.

After a board meeting in October of 2014, the Kenya RU board commissioned PKF Comsulting to do a forensic audit of the union accounts.

The report has been handed back and as a result, vice Chairman Phillip Jalango has been suspended with immediate effect.  The forensic Audit has been going on since January of 2015. the report was tabled and debated upon on 29th of april.

With the new development, Hon Secretary Eddie Omondi has also resigned with immediate effect. it is not clear who will take over the two positions vacated by the former powerful officials.

The Kenya rugby union has been dogged by one controversy after another, leading to the cancellation of a lucrative sevens rugby sponsorship from Safaricom limited. Safaricom had asked KRU to put its house in order or they pull out.

Following in the footsteps of Safaricom is  Bamburi who are yet to commit to the 2015 Super Series rugby unless the Union puts its house in order.