Jameni actor detained for impersonating IG Joseph Boinnet at Wilson airport


Acting is all fun and games until you are detained for impersonation. That was the scene for the Jameni TV crew after they were detained at the Wilson Airport for impersonating the current Inspector General of police, Joseph Boinnet.

It all began with actor Sergon Kiptarus getting into character, complete with the police uniform and trademark ‘baggy’ police cap. His entry into the Wilson airport was met with salutes, handshakes with bowed heads and VIP treatment.

This went on for a while before some witty chap discovered that our actor was not Boinnet. That’s when the situation changed from salutes to being dragged into a room despite the crew’s attempts to clarify that they were just shooting a scene for a TV Show.

The actor and crew were detained for a while before the officers got clarification and let them go. Whether the scene will be aired on the popular KTN show is yet to be established but you can catch it tonight at 7:30PM.