Kaimenyi Warns Schools Against Defying New Fees Guidelines

Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi has warned secondary schools against defying the new fees structure released last week. He said tough disciplinary action will be taken.

Kaimenyi said it is insubordination for teachers to disobey directives given by the Ministry of Education. Speaking to Journalists after opening a new classroom at Mbwiru Primary School, Chuka Igambang’ombe constituency, on Monday, he said defiant

Kaimenyi said the government has released funds to cater for examinations in public schools. He said some schools are still asking for examination fees.

“The government has released the funds and teachers who are asking for exam fees are doing it illegally. We need eyes of the media and the community to help us identify them for disciplinary action,” the CS said.

He asked the Kenya National Union of Teachers secretary general Wilson Sossion not to blackmail the ministry.

“When people appear in the media and attack me without giving me an opportunity to defend myself it is unfair. It is unethical to call me all kind of names in the media. Let’s have constructive criticism for the sake of the people,” Kaimenyi said.