Kanye West Jealous of Taylor Swift? Find Out Why


Once upon a time, Kanye West took the stage when Taylor Swift got a VMA, and telling her that she’s not good enough. Fast forward to a few years later and it seemed that the rapper had to eat his words – Taylor has been so successful in her career that it made the 37-year-old rapper jealous, reports claim.

Hollywood Life noted that a source for Star Magazine said, “There’s just something about Taylor that sends Kanye into a rage. He just doesn’t get why she’s so successful.”

The source also shared that Yeezus “lost it” when Tay’s “Shake It Off” music video attracted over 380 million views, compared to his barely 45 million for “Bound 2.” But most of all, that he crashed her acceptance speech at the VMAs in 2009, yet she became a bigger star than ever.

The source even said, “He can’t let go of a grudge, and it’s never more apparent than with Taylor. If he hears her music or her name, he’ll curse Taylor out as long as anyone will listen.”

Kanye is known to be overconfident as an artist. In an interview with The New York Times, he said “I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things. So when the next little girl that wants to be, you know, a musician and give up her anonymity and her voice to express her talent and bring something special to the world, and it’s time for us to roll out and say, “Did this person have the biggest thing of the year?” – that thing is more fair because I was there.”

Unfortunately, nothing that Kanye said about Taylor made her any less of a celebrity. In fact, it seems that every year, her fan base just grew more and more.

Yahoo noted that Taylor’s latest album, “1989,” sold over one million copies in its first week of release and is probably going to replace Disney’s “Frozen” soundtrack as the best-selling album of 2014.

And while that may be quite an achievement, Kanye has his own share of awards, making it doubtful that he’ll ever be jealous of a singer 12 years his junior. The rapper is said to be receiving the Visionary Award at the 2015 BET Honors, alongside Usher, who is also being awarded the for Musical Arts as a commemortation of his 20-year career in music.

Which is why, according to Gossip Cop, rumors of Kanye’s alleged jealousy over the country-turned-pop-star are unfounded, with a source for the website saying that the reports are “ridiculous.”

What do you think, is Kanye West jealous of Taylor Swift, or is he not? And even if he is, does he have any reason to be, or should he just keep doing what he’s doing in his career? After all, he and Taylor have very different fan bases, don’t they?