Kenya and China launch solar technology transfer and training institute

Investors from Kenya and China have launched a technology transfer and training centre to promote the assembly of solar lighting systems in the East African nation


Technicians feel that learning about solar light technology and installation can take them a long way in the clean energy revolution in Kenya. (Image source: KhlasulAmal/Flickr)

The China-Kenya Solid State Lighting Technology Transfer Centre was launched by Kenyan solar company Sunyale Africa Limited along with a host of Chinese investors, and will be based in an industrial park near Nairobi. The centre is expected to spur the growth of a homegrown solar industry in the country, said investors.

Sunyale Africa Limited director Maina Maringa said, “Our partnership with a Chinese firm will facilitate the establishment of a local assembly plant for solar products. The new center will expose Kenyan technicians to the latest solar solutions.”

Engineer Robert Kipkorir, who is one of the trainees at the newly-launched centre, added that the Chinese are helping the Kenyans in terms of technology and information sharing. The technology will be updated at the centre, which could prepare the trainees to learn the new machinery as well as develop new skills.

With a business and investor-friendly environment, Kenya is a preferred business destination for China. Until now, the East African nation was importing solar products but now, local technicians can be given training on how to assemble solar lighting systems, added investors from both countries.