Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy rocks Ugandan socialite Zari’s world


It all seemed funny, more like his daily jokes when Chipukeezy announce that he was very ready to impress Zari and hopefully steal her heart from Diamond once she jetted into the country for the Art of Luxury event.

But after last week’s happenings, he seems to have meant every word he uttered. Lucky for him Tanzanian singer Diamond was not able to fly into Kenya with his boo Zari and this gave Chipukeezy more time with Zari.

At the airport, Chipukeezy was all ready and soon after meeting the Ugandan socialite they took a couple of selfies that he gladly shared on social media.

Fast forward to the event and he was at her hotel ready to pick her up and chauffer her around. Evidently, this seemed like the time of his life going by his excitement.

Earlier on he had mentioned how he hoped that Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz would give him a few tricks on how to impress Zari and well, he seems to have received the perfect advice and after a fun weekend it’s time to hand Zari back to Diamond.