Kenyan Government blocks ten companies from fitting PSVs with speed governors

The government has barred about ten companies from fitting speed limiters and recorders on the public service vehicles, citing poor performance on the gadgets already in the market.

And to have their permits afresh, a new set of conditions to be met by the companies have been issued, within 90 days, effective from Friday 30, January.

The development is likely to rub the transport sector players the wrong way given the frosty manner the two have operated in the past.

In addition, it is likely to see the withdrawal of many vehicles from the road and this might lead to a transport crisis.

In a statement appearing in the local dailies on Friday, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, National Transport and safety Authority and Kenya Bureau of Standards, four companies had their licenses revoked. The decision follows a comprehensive study by the three arms of the government, which unearthed non-compliance on the set standards and a below 50 per cent performance.

Frotcom EA Ltd, Cartrack Kenya Ltd, Mbetsa Innovations Ltd and Emco Diesel Services have their permits revoked. Firms whose permits were suspended include Ekas technologies, Dalcom Enterprises, Kinetic Resources Ltd, Pinnacle Systems Ltd, Safe Rider Management Systems. Others include Jendie Automobiles Ltd, Mock Electrical and Electronics, Eureka Technical Services Ltd, Power Systems Ltd, and Power Governors (K) Ltd.

On revocation, the public has been warned against undertaking any new installations of the speed limiters in the motor vehicles.