Kenyan MP rules out negotiating with Al Shabaab

Garissa Member of Parliament and Majority leader Adan Bare Dualle has ruled out negotiating with Al Shabaab contradicting his early controversial statement.

“We have never and shall never negotiate with terrorist, bandits, militants and drug dealers “, he posted on his facebook page.

While speaking to BBC Somali service on Saturday, Dualle hinted at possible talks with Al Shabaab causing uproar in the local and social media.

“We are telling you to leave us alone. If you want, we will send you elders, religious leaders and politicians .Just tell us where you are. Leave us alone .Leave Nairobi alone, leave Machakos alone and even Kisumu . This is very important to Somalis “, he said

“We are telling our Al Shabaab brothers ,whatever they want to achieve in Somalia is theirs ,but let them give us peace in Kenya .We are enjoying  freedom in this country and we are allowed to practice religion”.

Dualle has called the Kenyan defense forces (KDF) to take over all areas along the Kenyan –Somalia border to prevent terror attacks in the country.

Dualle not new to controversy . Early last year local media quoted Dualle urging terrorist to carry their activities outside Eastleigh ponting out Machakos town as example which Dualle said the media misquoted him.

Al Shabaab has vowed it will continue carrying deadly attacks on Kenya soil as far as Kenyan troops remain in Somalia.