Kenyan Vera Sidika’s 1 Million a week prostitution service

Here is an account of the events that transpired on iInstagram yesterday between Socialite Vera Sidika & an international anonymous private Investigator (The Seeker of Truth)

The following details are exactly as posted by the anonymous private Investigator (The Seeker of Truth) on his Instagram account:



Part 1. Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika, who spends most of her time, travelling between Kenya, Dubai, Nigeria and Malaysia. Apparently, she was recently on CNN & BBC news, talking about her skin bleaching procedure smh. Her ass & tits are fake, too.


After I followed Vera Sidika, she instantly came onto my fake page (Arab businessman), and was so quick to like my pictures of cars, watches, boats and private jets. That’s when I realized, exposing her was going to be extremely easy.

 Vera Sidika Instagram 6

Part 2. Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika


Part 3. #ProfessionalEscort


Part 4. At least she’s got some standards #ProtectedSex > #UnprotectedSex


Part 5. Her poor boyfriend hahaha #TheseHoesAintLoyal


Part 6……. #TheEnd