Khamenei bans talks with US, calls for combat readiness


TEHRAN – Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Wednesday called on the Iranian armed forces to raise their combat readiness and get prepared in the face of the enemy, “which is always aggressive in nature and is willing to infiltrate into the country”.

Khamenei – in a meeting with a group of commanders and staff of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy here on Wednesday – referred to ‘dangerous plots’ of the ‘arrogant powers’ for the region.

“During the nuclear negotiations, they (the United States) made attempts to infiltrate at any spot they were able to, but thanks to God, the Iranian side was vigilant enough but still at certain points they somehow managed to get chances and did a move contrary to our national interests,” he said.

“Talks with the United States are forbidden for the considerable harm they do and the good they never do. This is different from entering into talks with a government which lacks the same equipment or motivation (as the United States),” he added.