Kilimani Mums Mercilessly Tear At Linda Muthama Following Her Split with Nyambane

You are probably aware that Linda and Nyambane split after a child and close to a decade together.

Linda says that the reason that they called it quits was because Nyambane could not fit her into his busy schedule. And she realized that being someone’s second wife was no longer her cup of tea.

The vocal Kilimani mums who are known for orchestrating the ‘My Dress My Choice’ protest against women getting stripped and molested in the country have weighed in on the whole issue. And from what I gather, they are not too sad that the two split.

Here are some of their opinions

Tracy Nimmo Kyalo: Masaibu ya 2nd wife.

Jacky Songol:e Wat did she expect ?hivyo ndo kunaendanga……

Esther Wanjiru: weeeeee…..Di I just love the calmness of nyambane first wife finally after ten years shes won hands down ..what a mama !!what a spirit. …unshakeable. !!!! ultimate winner…….linda loved the fame in nyambane. .nt nyambane the person! !

Maimuna Rose Diamond: The first wife has won because Linda has left? What is the price? a man who is not solely committed to her? I digress!

Lucy Ndungu: Bwana wawenyewe hata u do what! hata umpe mapua he will take a walk back to his wife his love.

Debra Suzzy Nduati: Home wrecker

Hilda Njeru: there is a saying in my language that “the first wife can never be left”…ukweli ndio huo

Vicky Mbuli: Sometimes ts good to be realistic a man will never leave his wife not unless they divorced

Wairimu Kiiru: Nyambane must have had a Financial Crisis for her to leave… or the Goodies were being shared with a number three… Why mess someones marriage, Brag about it then dump the man most probably when a number 3 walks in?

Nyebz Hangs: See, people lie, people say that they are ok to be MWK and even 2nd wife, only to whine later NKT

Jaki Wacuka: She’s (was) very vocally talented. Too bad she wasted the TPF publicity on a man. She’s already down, so I’ll not kick her. All the best to her as she rebuilds her life & career. & mostly, on her crusade against married me
Delphine Kerubo they never leave thier wives… pole lakini atleast she tried

Ndiwoi Mbelle we thank God for that!!!

Joyce Mwaeni Nyambane has a teenage daughter who he has to drop to school every morning……so lazima alale kwake..Linda labda alianza ku nag…umetoka wapi?? mbona siku hizi hu spend time hapa???…eeh Nyambane akaona afadhali mama Tracy hana maswali mob!

Gloria Achaga Thought she claimed to b happy & good friends with the 1st wife? Waaaaa masaibu ya dunia!!!!!

Caroline Kiruja: She excepted what? a married man has to be there for the first wife. In all cases the first wife wins. A married is not someone to get married to or even date.

Gloria Chadota Mwangi: yeahhh.. and we think the first wife has been waiting 10years to win back a man who can easily move to wife number 3? we all know she had her own party to Damascus! lol this Linda karma just caught up let her not act shocked she knew this day would come. serves her right

Lynette Nzamalu Okatch: Haja hivyo ndio kulienda??

TC Njeri: His first wife alijua siri, that she didn have to fight for herself. The fight is not ours.God is always faithful.

Mercy Busolo: The first wife must be having a last laugh which gonna last for long, she has her husband back
Ludia Nekoye: bwana ya mwenyewe ni wa mwenyewe tu, its better to get yours even if you start from stratch,ni hii iwe funzo kwa wale wanapenda kunyemelea ndoa za wenyewe,he will never leave his wife for you no matter how many lies he tells you, at the end he goes back to his first wife.

Chepchumba Chep: karma!

Obiekwe Adamma: Repercussions of stealing somebody else hubby what God has put together let no man put asanda