Kim Kardashian ‘Sex and the City’ Throwback Photos: Reality Star Posted A Photo from Trip to Dubai With Girlfriends On Instagram


Kim Kardashian took it to Instagram to post some throwback photos from her Dubai trip with BFF’s! The female friends wore an all-white clothing in blouse, slacks and dress. The girls looked happy in pictures as they played around on a sandy desert near the famous United Arab Emirates city.

The second of the Kardashian daughters and her girlfriends appeared like the “Sex and the City” ladies in the throwback photos from last year’s trip overseas, according to E! Online. “Sex and the City 2 The Movie” showed the four BFF characters in a classy style as they indulged in good times in the desert at Abu Dhabi. The characters were dressed in elegant clothing, just like how Kim and company were dressed in the photo.

Kim posted these old photos on social media to celebrate the birthday of her friend and travel companion to Dubai, Carla Di Bello. Kardashian included this birthday message caption alongside one of the photos on Instagram:

“Happy Birthday to my one and only @carladibello,”

“So many years as friends, so many memories! I love you so much!!! Living a world apart can’t stop our bond!”

A photo showing Kim and her female friends holding hands together in unity in the desert was also posted on Instagram. According to Radar Online, Kim captioned this photo with the message:

“Finding true loyal friends is rare! Hold on to the ones you love!”

Kim sported her natural brunette colored hair in the throwback photos. As everybody knew, Kim recently donned on blond hair a few weeks ago. The reality star admitted that she donned on the temporary hair color because of her attendance at the Paris Fashion Week. Kim revealed to People magazine that:

“It [Hair color change] was a really last minute decision, and I loved taking this risk.”

An insider revealed to People magazine that:

“She [Kim] just did blonde for a moment and wanted to be back dark before she goes to Armenia next week.”

The reality star sported her blond colored hair ‘do in only under a month. On Thursday, Kim was seen taking daughter, North West, to dance class. And, on Friday, Kris Jenner’s second daughter wore black gym clothing as she worked out in West Hollywood.

Over the weekend, Saturday was a family day for Kim and North as they were seen in town in Los Angeles bonding together, according to The Daily Mail UK. Mother and daughter enjoyed the warm California sunshine as they went out and about their outing yesterday.