Madonna raped by a stranger after moving to New York City

Madonna Louise Ciccone, the American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman, who is renowned for reinventing her music and her image, revealed her excruciating story in a recent interview with one of the leading newspaper.

According to recent reports, Madonna moved to New York City at the age of 19 and was sexually assaulted soon after she came from the Midwest.

Madonna, who disclosed the incident for the very first time in year 2013, revealed that how a strangerapproached her when she was using a payphone on the street and that as she was in need of money, the stranger gave it to her and asked if she wanted call anyone from his house, which he claimed to be just across the street on which the payphone was.

Madonna blindly followed that man and was eventually raped by the man at his home. She also stated that detailing the incident more than this does not make sense and that she even had to face several other bad things in New York.

Madonna also revealed that she had her apartment robbed several times, she was even attacked on the streets and that after getting raped by a stranger she decided not to report the incident to the police, as she was told that if at all she reports it to the police, she will have to undergo physical test and will be asked several personal questions, which she didn’t wanted at that point of time, as it was not at all worth doing it.