MCA’s First Words After ‘Life in Boot’ – VIDEO

“I am alive dad and I am not going to die,” these are the first words missing Juja ward MCA in Kiambu county uttered when he was found on Sunday night.

Samuel Gitau, who went missing on March 7, was too weak to speak. He was found at Ihindu trading centre, Naivasha.

“A man jumped from the boot of a car and landed awkwardly on the tarmac. The car sped off towards Nairobi,” a witness identified as Mwangi said.

Mwangi said a man who was in great pain told them he was the missing MCA from Juja and they called the area ward representative Samuel Waithuki.

Waithuki, who is Nakuru Leader of Majority, said Gitau was in great pain and could not clearly account for the time he was missing.

Gitau was taken to a nearby house as officials from the Kiambu government and police were informed.

“After jumping from the moving car, members of the public suspected something was amiss and rushed to his rescue as the suspects fled,” Waithuki said.

He said Gitau complained of pain in the stomach and head after he landed on the tarmac.

“He says he has been locked in the boot for all the time he has been missing. Gitau says he was hit on the stomach with a blunt object by his abductors,” he said.

Gitau’s father Moses Munene, mother Florence Wairimu and Kiambu leaders, among them Governor William Kabogo took the MCA to Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

When Juja residents received information that Gitau had been found, they rushed to his home in Mirimaini village.

Resident Grace Wambui said she heard a listener call a radio station, saying the MCA had been found alive.

“It was five in the morning and I left home in Gachororo and came to celebrate with the family and Mirimaini residents after receiving the news,” Wambui said.

Resident George Njau said the government should provide enough security for MCAs.

“It is not only the MCA and his family who were tormented by the incident, but Juja residents too. We have left our jobs for days to search for him in the coffee plantations including Nchengo estate, Azania Ltd and Garton Ltd. If he had a bodyguard, this would not have happened,” he said.