Medical miracle of woman who is 95% male but gave birth to twins

The 32-year-old Indian woman has an intersex condition meaning, although she has the appearance of a woman, she is genetically male.


Happy family: Hayley Haynes and Sam Haynes with daughters (L-R) Avery and Darcy

The birth of twins to a woman who was genetically male was described as a medical miracle by fertility specialists.

The 32-year-old Indian woman has an intersex condition meaning, although she has the appearance of a woman, she has 95% male chromosomes.

Although she had never menstruated, she only discovered she had the condition when she went to get fertility treatment because she was having problems conceiving.

Doctors soon realised she had the intersex condition.

Dr Sunil Jindal, the fertility expert who administered the treatment, said: “She did not undergo puberty and never menstruated.

“When we investigated further we found that she had a very small vagina and an infantile uterus.”

“Even she did not know she had this condition and was flabbergasted when we told her about it.

“But the husband was very supportive and told her ‘No matter what, you continue to be my wife.'”

The woman had to undergo more than 12 months of hormonal therapy to develop her womb.

They were then able to use her husband’s sperm to fertilise a donor egg.

But once she became pregnant doctors had an even bigger problem.

Dr Anshu Jindal, medical director at Jindal Hospital, where the babies were delivered said : “Our biggest challenge was how to administer this pregnancy for nine months in a body not designed for it.”

On Friday the 32-year-old she gave birth to a healthy boy and girl through caesarean section at Jindal Hospital in Meerut city, some 70 kilometres (43 miles) northeast of New Delhi.

The babies weighed 2.25kg (4.9lbs) and 2.50kg (5.5lbs).

Dr Jindal said: “This is akin to a male delivering twins, it’s the rarest of rare cases,

“It’s nothing short of a medical miracle. We are really happy that we could pull it off.”

The Indian woman is one of only about five women to have succeeded in giving birth in the same circumstances.

Hayley Haynes, 28, from Bedford was told she was genetically a man with no reproductive organs when she was 19.

But thanks to hormone therapy she grew a womb and gave birth to miracle babies Avery and Darcey.