Memusi Gets Double Treat With Birthday Win in Kajiado

Nairobi — A deserved win it was for Memusi Kanchory, now the Kajiado Central MP-elect after he closely trounced his rival Patrick Tutui (JAP) with 16,008 votes against 15,508.

Memusi who turned 38 on Monday thanked his loyal supporters for electing him, pointing out that top on his agenda was to transform the lives of women and youths.

“I know that most of those who voted for me are women and the youth and I will not disappoint them. I want to develop strategies to empower them to ensure they are self sufficient,” said Memusi after he was declared the winner of the hotly contested by-election.

And in true birthday fashion, the hall at the Maasai Technical Institute where the final tally was being released burst into birthday songs for the legislator who throughout the session maintained a calm demeanour.

“Happy Birthday! dear Memusi, happy birthday! dear Memusi… ” his supporters chanted away.

Memusi just after clinching the ODM nominations in late January had pleaded with his supporters to give him what he referred to as the ‘best present,’ – their vote. And true to their word, 16,008 voters rewarded him with his plea.

“It’s a sweet birthday gift, and I really want to thank God for this victory, I want to thank my supporters for the hard work and for standing firm with me. We want to unite all the tribes of Kajiado and work for them regardless of their political affiliation,” said an elated Memusi after he was declared winner.

Following rumours being peddled that Memusi was set on re-joining the Jubilee Alliance Party, he stated that he was not keen on engaging in party politics reiterating that he was a member of ODM and he intended to build his political career through the party.

Memusi de-camped to ODM after losing the JAP nomination to Tutui.

“I do not want to talk about parties right now. The victory that I have gotten is an ODM victory; it’s a people of Kajiado Central victory… forget about my past in other parties, I am now building my career in ODM, ” stated Memusi.

It also was a big win for ODM and by extension the CORD coalition as it retained a seat previously held by Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery who was a member of the party.

Nkaissery had shifted goal posts in the Kajiado Central race choosing to support his long time rival Tutui.

ODM legislators who flanked Memusi throughout the tallying process could not contain their joy stating that those who thought ODM was ‘dead and buried’ should rethink it as it was alive and kicking.

“This one was ours from the start, they should know that Kajiado Central is ODM,” said Suna East MP Junet Mohammed.

Memusi was eventually issued with his certificate of election by IEBC Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba amid cheers from supporters who had literally ‘burnt the midnight oil’ awaiting the official declaration by the electoral body.

The electoral body noted the huge turn-out by Kajiado residents in the by-election, which stood at an impressive 82 percent.