Mombasa OCPD Martin Asin dies after road accident


Mombasa Urban OCPD Martin Asin who died after a road accident on March 1, 2016.

Mombasa Urban OCPD Martin Asin died after a road accident involving his private car on Mombasa-Nairobi Highway on Tuesday morning.

Asin was driving alone when the accident occurred and was rushed to a private hospital where he succumbed to injuries, said Voi police boss Joshua Lutukai.

Lutukai did not give details when he spoke to the Star on phone on Tuesday about the Maungu accident.

Asin was moved to Mombasa in August 2015 from Nairobi’s Central police station where he served as deputy OCPD

He replaced Geofrey Mayek in a reshuffle and has been instrumental in combating terror gangs in Majengo, and the war on drugs.

He was among senior officers behind the recent seizure of a cache of weapons at a house in Majengo.

Senior officers eulogised Asin as a dedicated officer.