Move Over, Kenya’s Curviest Woman And The New Socialite In Town


A socialite was fairly an unknown dimension 3 years ago, Or shall we say unexplored? That was before Vera Sidika and her colossal booty came to be, with Huddah, Corazon and Risper Faith hot at her heels. They brought with them a fascination that had hitherto not been explored, the phenom that is the human body.. the female body, the curves,  the titties and the gigantic booty.

Overtime, socialites have encroached our social life, they have become the cool… But four of them in a country of 20 million taxpayers is not enough, we need a full house… 210 Socialites … Parliament Style.. I am appointing myself speaker.

 Her name is Bridget Achieng. A fashion enthusiast,a plus size  model, a stylist (in fact, credible 411 reveals that she styles Neomi Ng’ang’a of 1fm) When I met her via introduction by a mutual friend, she seemed heady and overconfident.She held it that the media was giving airplay to women who did not deserve the spot in the first place.

“I mean, half of these socialites are half-baked ghetto-mentality women who deserve to go back to school”- If you have to change the shade of your skin to  conform with what is considered as pretty, then sister, you have a problem…”

“I define beauty and  sexy- elegant has nothing on me! But has she what it takes to be the next Kenyan socialite? Hell Yeah!