MPs suspended for causing chaos in Parliament


Suba MP John Mbadi, Shinyalu MP Silverse Anami and Gladys Wanga of Homabay have been suspended from the National Assembly for 4 days for causing chaos in Parliament.

The decision to suspend the three was reached after it was put on a vote with 101 MPs voting for the suspension, 52 MPs voting to reject the suspension while two MPs abstained.

The three were accused of causing chaos in parliament during the Security Bill debate in December 2014.

The event saw legislators hurl insults, throw bottles and pour water on each other as they differed over some of the clauses which they termed controversial.

National Assembly speaker Justice Muturi forced the debate through amid disruptions from MPs calling out each amendment for approval with security officials and Jubilee MPs offering him protection.

Mr Muturi had twice suspended debate on the amendments which had certain provisions considered controversial including a clause that would allow suspects to be held without charge for 360 days up from 90 days; compel landlords to provide information about their tenants and punish media organisations for printing material that is “likely to cause fear or alarm.”

The speaker then took charge of the third and final session reading the amendments after the House completed a less acrimonious debate on the suitability of Kajiado Central MP Joseph Nkaissery for the Interior Secretary position to which he had been nominated.

Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso had twice failed to take the House through the amendments as she was harshly disrupted by MPs opposed to the Bill with a member of parliament pouring water on her.

A debate to have several MPs from the Jubilee Coalition suspended was defeated after both manual and electronic votes failed to reach the required threshold.