Muthama reads malice in Swiss accounts dossier

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 11 – Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama has defended himself after his name appeared in secret documents published online alleging that banking giant HSBC helped wealthy customers dodge millions of dollars in taxes.
Muthama says his dealings during the period being alluded to were above board and further points out that he was not involved in any government affairs at the time.

In the dossier which has Kenya ranked 58th among nations with the highest dollar deposits in bank accounts in Switzerland, his name was mentioned in connection with an account which was set up in 1996 and closed in 2000.

“I am an International businessman and these are some of the contacts that I make. At that time, I was not a government official and I had investments in Tanzania, not in Kenya,” he stated.

Muthama further dismissed the report saying it was full of malice since it only named him while concealing the names of the over 200 other Kenyans.

“But who cannot read malice on this, why me, where are the other 238 names? You cannot even say that we pick another person so as to be two with Muthama so that we can even say that this is a test case. And in addition, this was fifteen years ago,” he said.

“If they are saying we found your account number with this money, curiously, only Machakos Senator Muthama is mentioned. Indeed there is malicious intent in these documents.”

He described himself as a clean leader and stated that he is ready to answer any questions with regard to his dealings.

“I am ready to speak at any given time without fear or contradiction. I am a clean Kenyan leader. They will fight me but they will never succeed. They will use all kinds of things, beating me in Parliament to try to spoil my name, my trousers are torn apart, just trying to portray me as a person who does not respect the law.”