Nakuru women demand justice for physically abused Fatuma


Fatuma Ibrahim writhing in pain at the Kenyatta National Hospital awaiting an operation to remove a knife that stuck in her jaws after she was attacked by her husband during a domestic quarrel. Women in Nakuru have decried the incident and demanded for justice. [Photo/]

Women in Nakuru County have stepped up to show solidarity with Fatuma Ibrahim, who made headlines in the recent days after being stabbed on the cheeks by her husband.

The women who spoke to journalists on Friday, have demanded for justice for Fatuma arguing that men, like her husband, should not be allowed to mingle freely with other members of the society.

“I cried when I saw Fatuma’s picture and wondered what made the husband go to that extend. Hope the law follows its course to the latter,” said Amina Swale.

She faulted the society for ignoring the plight of the women suffering in the hands of violent husbands arguing that nowadays, everybody is concerned about their families with no clue of what might be happening in the neighbourhood.

“For somebody to reach such an extent, I am sure the lady must have shared her tribulations with one or two people. Let’s learn to be our brothers keeper because we don’t know what the future holds, we might find ourselves in such a scenario one day,” she added.

To Juliet Mulika, it is a shame to take a domestic quarrel to that extent with a woman who is a mother to your children.

“This is simply unimaginable because these are people who have been in a marriage for not less than 10 years, what has befallen our men?” she asked.

She noted that male chauvinism had no place in the modern world and called on the government to ensure that Fatuma’s husband is arrested and charged.

Fatuma was air lifted to the Kenyatta National Hospital on Wednesday, on a request from doctors at the Wajir County Hospital who lacked up to date equipment to remove the knife that was stuck in her jaws.

It was reported on Friday that husband had been arrested and is at the Wajir Police Station as police finalise their investigations before the case commences.