Octopizzo Lends P-Unit’s Frasha His Support As He Goes For Top Seat

Rapper Octopizzo is one of the most celebrated hip hop artistes in Kenya today thanks to his prowess in the hip hop industry. His game, for a long time, has been on top, with his closest rivals trying to catch up with him for a long unsuccessfully.


This perhaps explains why the singer becomes a subject of focus whenever he throws his support behind someone. He is known to harbor some ego you know.

Well, Frasha is delighted after Octopizzo rallied behind him for the forthcoming MCSK elections where Frasha has indicated that he is vying for the Director of MCSK seat.

Frasha himself is an established singer who has built himself a name through the P-Unit group. P-Unit has been one of the finest singing groups in Kenya and they have been in the industry for quite some time now.

Posting in his instagram account, Octopizzo urged his fellow musicians to vote wisely in the forthcoming elections and by that Octopizzo seems to have meant that they should vote for Frasha.

He said:


It seems many artistes are throwing their weight behind Frasha as they have indicated through their social media accounts.