OnePlus teases a new mystery product

OnePlus has tweeted out a tantalising tidbit; a simple poster of a pair of hands gripping an imaginary object with the tagine, “You’re in control #OneGameChanger”


Meanwhile, a link from the picture takes you to a blogpost talking about how OnePlus may have launched with a flagship-killer smartphone, but they are a technology company at their core. The post goes on to stress that the new device is not a phone, powerbank,tablet or smartwatch. So what could it be?

Our best bet for the new product is a gaming hub. Consider the #OneGameChanger. While you can look at the phrase as just that, there’s also the possibility of the “game changer” bit being a play on words. Perhaps an  Android-based gaming hub with a controller to boot? Another possibility could be a media streaming hub, akin to the Mi Box. Both these ideas are exciting when OnePlus is involved. The company managed to demolish the competition with their first smartphone, who knows what else they’re capable of?