Opposition leader vows to remove Gnassingbe by all means


The main opposition candidate in Togo’s presidential election, Mr Jean Pierre Fabre of the Alliance for Change (CAP 2015), has rejected the provisional election results.

The results were announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the official authority, responsible for Togo’s elections.

The results declared the incumbent, Mr Essonzimna Faure Gnassingbe of the Union Pour La Republique (UNIR), winner with 58.75 per cent votes in the election, held at the weekend.

Mr Fabre followed with 34.95 per cent of the votes cast, complaining of widespread irregularities.

The Chairman of INEC, Mr Issifou Tabiou, who announced the results said based on the provisional results, the incumbent had won the election, subject to confirmation by the constitutional court.

Earlier, Mr Fabre, had told the Daily Graphic in an interview at the Kodjoviakope polling centre in Lome that the people of the Republic of Togo were well mobilised and ready for a change.

He said the people had observed the situation and had made up their minds.

Mr Fabre, who spoke through an interpreter after he had cast his vote last Saturday at the Lycee de Kodjoviakope polling station, said he was of the view that the people of Togo were ready for a change.

“Generally, we of the Opposition Alliance for Change believe that the people are well mobilised and they want a change”, he stated.

He noted that the current election was very important to the people of Togo and that was why the people intended to massively express that need and time for change through the current election.

In answer to a question as to whether everything regarding the voting was going on well, he said all was well except in a few cases where there had been changes at the places where people had seen their names a day before.

Voters had earlier checked and knew they were to vote at particular polling stations, but got there on the day of voting only to realise that their names were not there.

Speaking later in English Language, Mr Fabre, who cast his vote around 10 a.m, said it was important for all voters to cast their vote to make that change possible.

Mr Fabre is an Economist and a former Editor of a newspaper who has led demonstrations, demanding political reforms.

Other candidates in the presidential race include Mr Gnassingbe Faure Essonzimna of the Union Pour La Republique (UNIR) and Aime Gogue Tchaboure of The Alliance of Democrats for Integral Development (ADDI).

The rest are, Mr Tchassona Traore of the Citizens Movement for Democracy and Development (MCD) and Mr Gerry Komandega of the Nouvel Engagement Togolais (NET) Party.