Over 50 people killed in Turkana-Pokot border gun fight

Scores of people are feared dead after a botched raid by Turkana raiders on a village in East Pokot. Multiple sources The Standard spoke to said up to 50 people from the Pokot and Turkana communities may have died during the gun fight which lasted for hours on Monday.

Baringo County Commissioner Peter Okwanyo however said he could not confirm the exact number of deaths because officers were on their way to Nadome and Kasarani where the killings took place. “We are aware of deaths but the exact number, I cannot say as at now,” he said.

Baringo Red Cross Chairman Kipkemboi Morwess however confirmed that his team on the ground had counted over 50 bodies and were still combing the bushes for more. “The terrain is bad because of the road network. Communication with the team is also erratic,” said Morwess.

He said in the attack which took place on Monday, Turkana bandits raided a homestead and killed five members of a family. He said the killing of the family sparked an instant hunting down of the perpetrators who were cornered at Kasarani area.

“Pokot who are also armed hunted down the attackers and waylaid them at Kasarani area where gun fight ensued for over six hours,” he said. He said the dead are from both Turkana and Pokot community.

This was reiterated by area MCA Lotela Yokir who said many people had died in the attack. “Many people are dead and the exact number will only be confirmed after police and Red Cross comb the whole area,” he said to The Standard.

The area of killings is the same where 21 Administration Police officers were ambushed and killed last year by the Pokot. Two ambulances sent to ferry nine survivors of the attack had, 18 hours later, not been traced raising fears on their whereabouts.