Peace Restored in South Africa, States Minister of the Presidency

The South Africa minister of the Presidency, Jeff Radebe stated that peace and calm returned to the communities affected by the recent attacks against foreign citizens, highlighted the local media.

“We want to calm down those who have plans to travel to South Africa that our government is in charge. The violence has stopped, ” stressed Radebe, who heads the Inter-ministerial Committee set up on the initiative of President Jacob Zuma to address this situation.

As he explained yesterday in a meeting for that purpose ‘we are working hard to ensure that no one within the borders of our country become a victims taking into account their place of origin’.

The Committee meeting was held days after Zuma and several ministers made consultations with different organizations and sectors representing South Africans and foreigners in order to get to the root of these attacks, which killed seven.

Radebe said that the government is actively supporting non-nationals displaced by providing food, shelter and other needs.

He also reported that the Social Development Department (SDD) has provided psycho-social support to about 812 people in the places where there are refugees.

On the other hand, he stressed that the Interior Department works closely with foreign missions in South Africa to ensure the repatriation of those who wish to return voluntarily to their countries of origin.

‘So far we have repatriated a total of 1,997 undocumented migrants from the two temporary shelters in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, 911 to Malawi; 316 to Mozambique; 753 to Zimbabwe, and 17 to Tanzania, “added Radebe.

At the same time he reported that about 1,507 people are awaiting repatriation, and the government will continue working with its mission to make this process easier.