PM pays tribute to tsunami victims

David Cameron has paid tribute to the victims of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which claimed an estimated 230,000 lives – including 151 British nationals – in countries around the Indian Ocean.

In a statement to mark the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, the Prime Minister praised the “real resilience” of the communities which had since rebuilt their lives as well as the generosity of the international response.

He said the UK Government alone had provided almost £300 million to support the reconstruction of affected areas.

10th anniversary of the Boxing Day tsunami

“Today we think of all those for whom Boxing Day is no longer a happy festive celebration but the day they lost a loved one in the Indian Ocean tsunami,” he said.

“At this poignant time, my prayers are with all those remembering people who were caught up in the disaster, including the 151 British nationals who lost their lives.

“In the face of tragedy and adversity, hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated real resilience to rebuild their lives and millions more have shown extraordinary generosity to help those affected.

“So, as we remember all those who died, we should take comfort from the communities that are now on the mend – places like Banda Aceh where locals say it is now more prosperous, vibrant and peaceful than before.”