President Mahama calls for constructive criticism


President John Dramani Mahama on Wednesday evening called on his critics to criticise his administration constructively by offering alternatives rather than wholesale condemnation.

He also gave the assurance that he would incorporate all useful feedbacks from the people into his development programs and policies to give expression to his commitment to listen to all Ghanaians.

“I have listened, I am listening and I will continue to listen”, he stated.

President Mahama made the call when he delivered a nationwide New Year message on Radio Ghana and Ghana Television that was also beamed live on other national media networks.

He said Ghana was a country of millions who had varied ideas on development and he would respect the views and ideas of others in nation- building, irrespective of their background.

President Mahama said communication was necessary in the development of every country, a tool he promised to use to advantage to achieve the country’s development needs.

On unity President said,” Working together despite our differences, we will find out that no problem is insurmountable … Let’s fill the year with hope and not despair.”

He said in pressing home their demands, there was the need for Ghanaians to avoid threats and all acts of violence and aggression that could derail the country’s development agenda.