Radio presenter Adelle Onyango compares singer Willy Paul to controversial ‘prophet’ Kanyari


After gospel singer Willy Paul went on National radio and called Radio presenter Adelle Onyango a lesbian, it would seem that karma has arrived.

Adelle has compared gospel singer Willy Paul to controversial pastor, Kanyari in a recent Facebook post.

The comparison by the radio girl comes barely a day after the Sitolia singer was accused by fellow gospel artiste, Bahati, of stealing his songs. In the post, Adelle, recollects how Willy Paul went on a national radio station to claim that she is a lesbian, and that he wasn’t lying since he is a gospel artiste.

She further claims the singer made the accusation because she refused to date him. Adelle goes ahead to mirror Willy Paul’s on-going cyber-bullying experience to hers. She suffered online hate in 2014 after revealing in a local show that she fell a victim of rape ordeal in her early life.

“After he went on national radio called me a lesbian (is that an insult?) because I refused to date him – and said he can’t be lying because he’s a gospel artist, Kenyans online (mostly twitter) begun probably the worst stint of cyber bullying I’ve ever experienced. That’s about the time I came to the personal conclusion that Willy Paul is about as genuine in his music as Kanyari is, in his sermons.”

The spirited presenter concludes her post by cautioning Kenyans against being gullible to ‘men of God’ who use religion to hide their true selves.

“We need to stop being so gullible when it comes to God. Anyone throws the word God at us and we believe everything and anything they say!”


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