The historical club shut its doors yesterday as it had been running at an operational loss.

JOHANNESBURG – The Rand Club in the Johannesburg CBD has suspended its operations as it has been running at an operational loss.

Chairperson David Williams has confirmed that the club shut its doors on Wednesday while it looks for an outside partner to take over its food and beverage operations.

It’s not yet clear how long the historic club will be closed for, but Williams says it could take between three and nine months.

He says it’s a sad day, especially considering that the club was founded just a year after Johannesburg itself.

“For many years – at least a decade – the club has been running at an operational loss. Really, the big change happened in the late 80s, early 90s, when businesses started moving to Sandton… So the guys who used to come to lunch, who walked from the office to have lunch, weren’t there anymore.”