ITCHING TO REV OFF: Nadeem Kana set to test his new Subaru GC8 ahead of Mombasa Motor Cross Rally


Former Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) Two Wheel Drive Champion Nadeem Kana will be testing his newly acquired ex-Alasdair Keith Subaru GC8 when the first round of the Mombasa Motor Club (MMC) Training Rally gets underway in Nguu Tatu, Mombasa on January 11.

Speaking in Mombasa, the 2012 KNRC 2WD Drivers Champion explained he will be graduating from Formula 2 racing “as there is need for a fresh impetus into his racing career”.

The “Thumbs Rally Team” driver said he is excited to steer a championship winning (division 2) contraption for the first time on home soil.

“The car has been very competitive with Keith and has a proven performance on the KNRC front so I feel compelled to push it even harder,” said Kana. He is moving on from 2WD ranks with four career victories and one championship win, thanks to MMC club events which have made him realise his potential in rallying!

“The car is already in Mombasa and we are waiting for January 11 to feel how it handles despite having some little jobs of designs to be done in the run up to the KNRC season,” said Kana.

“We managed to collect the new car from Keith on December 25 when my sponsors gave me the go-ahead to do so. The car remains white but fully branded in red and black livery-so I just can’t wait to attack the Nguu Tatu terrain,” he added.

Prodded to explain just why he has decided to stick with the Japanese make, Kana said: “Subaru being the best car on Kenyan roads at the moment, they are made for our rugged terrains. I have always refused to buy the idea that Evolutions are the strongest cars for Kenya.”
He explains that moving on from 2WDs was quite a sad but a timely decision since he had become part and parcel the 2WD family.

“But because I felt under-powered with 2WDs, I felt the need to upgrade to a much superior 4WD make, I hope to win some events this season despite big boys of the class are still raring to go.”

Kana reckons that his teething problems, most likely, will be getting to play in between the big boys.

Kana’s car is currently being done at their Mombasa backyard courtesy of the Thumbs Up team of mechanics. “For now, I haven’t consulted with any Subaru expert concerning my initial preparation but probably I will be seeking the guidance of mwalimu Azar Anwar. Naushad Kara is also very experienced with Subarus so I have lots of stuff to learn from him as well as the rest of MMC family, most of who are die-hard Subaru addicts,” said Kana.