‘RHOA’ Cast News: Cynthia Bailey Calls Out NeNe Leakes; Kenya Moore Confronts Apollo Nida in Prison? [SEASON 7 GOSSIP]

Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta resident wallflower Cynthia Bailey is tired of NeNe Leakes and the rest of the crew pretending that they aren’t obsessed with her. The newly vocal reality TV star also put the Glee actress and the rest of the cast of blast for insisting that Kenya Moore had really propositioned Apollo Nida even after the jailbird admitted that was a lie in Season 7. According to the latest gossip news updates, the former Miss America is determined to convince her co-stars that she is telling the truth and even intends to confront Apollo in prison with Phaedra Parks at her side.

Cynthia Bailey is finally coming into her own in Season 7 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she is tired of NeNe Leakes and the like insisting that she is boring.

During a conversation with the WetPaint, Bailey brought up the paradox in claiming she was not worth mentioning for hours and hours at a time:

“With that said, I found it odd to be the main topic of conversation.

“One minute I’m irrelevant, and the next minute I am the focus of the universe.”

Bailey went on to suggest that, perhaps, it was high time that the rest of the Housewives came to terms with the reality they were living in instead of closing their eyes and pretending it isn’t there — especially in regards to their refusal to believe Apollo when he said that he made all that stuff about Kenya Moore up out of thin air:

“I think that when some of these women have an issue with you (or just don’t like you), they seem to take pleasure in discrediting your character.

“It is discouraging to see strong, successful women choose to perpetuate a lie rather than admit they could have made a mistake and apologize accordingly.”

Instead of waiting around for her cast mates to show a level of maturity to match their years, Moore is reportedly hell bound and determined to get Apollo to confess once again — this time in front of both Kenya and Phaedra Parks.

A source told Hollywood Life that Kenya wouldn’t be satisfied until she could stare into the whites of Phaedra’s eyes while her felon for a husband explained to her from behind bars once and for all that Kenya Moore never offered to so much as hold open the door for him:

“[Kenya] wants to be present when Apollo looks Phaedra in the eye and tells her out of his own mouth about how he lied about an affair with Kenya, and how she’s not a whore or home-wrecker.

“To hear Apollo tell Phaedra this would mean the world to her…Maybe then Phaedra will take her blinders off and actually see that she and Kenya are actually very similar.”

Kenya has a better chance of getting NeNe Leakes to light herself on fire during her Broadway debut that she does getting her to admit that she was wrong.

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