Rumours do get to me, says Zahara


JOHANNESBURG – Zahara has had to fight rumours of poverty and alcoholism pretty much from the moment she was started singing.

It seems a week hardly a week goes by without the songbird having to publicly defend herself from rumours – a fight she admits can sometimes get to her.

“I’m human,” Zahara told Bonang on Metro FM this week.

“I remember when Loliwe was released. It was three months and people were talking about me already, saying I was broke. I was like ‘Okay, do I even have money? It’s only been three months’,” Zahara says.

Zahara says the mentorship of DJ Sbu, TK and her management team, along with the support of her family have helped her deal with seeing her face on the front page of newspapers.

“Really, the rumours get to me sometimes,” she admits.

“But because I am a prayerful woman and I believe in God, I know that he has got me this far, and I know he’ll help me through. If he says it’s over, then I know it’s over. But no human can take me down, only God.”

Zahara’s third album Country Girl has reportedly already gone gold after being released on Friday.