Ruto urges teachers to respect decision by SRC

Deputy President William Ruto has asked teachers to respect decisions made by independent agencies created by the Constitution on salaries and remunerations and resume duty.

Mr. Ruto said the Government is guided by the Constitution and respects the institutions created by it (Constitution) in implementing its development activities.

He said the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the welfare of teachers and other civil servants.

Mr. Ruto said commissions set up by the Constitution to oversee matters pertaining to teachers including salaries have pronounced themselves on the issue and they should respect the decision.

“TSC and SRC are independent bodies which have spoken on the issue of salaries and teachers have no option but to respect such decisions. There is nothing to compete about,” said Mr. Ruto.

“Teachers demanded that a commission to oversee their issues be created in the Constitution and TSC was established. Now TSC has said it has no more money to increase their salaries and we wonder why they are dismissing it,” said Mr. Ruto.

Speaking at St. Mathews Mung’ang’a Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), Mumias Diocese in Kakamega County on Sunday, Mr. Ruto appealed to teachers to be mindful of the country’s current economic situation and resume duty.

“I urge teachers to respect the decision by SRC because it has the constitutional mandate of the constitution to oversee issues pertaining to them,” said Mr. Ruto.

The Deputy President said SRC was established to contain situations where MPs, the Executive or the Judiciary could increase salaries the way they wished irrespective of the economic situation of the country.

“SRC is a constitutional agency that makes sure salaries of public officers are pegged on qualifications, performance and qualifications and we should all respect its recommendations in containing our wage bill,” said Mr. Ruto.

He said SRC has warned that the soaring wage bill was undermining development efforts in the country and efforts must be done to correct the situation.

“As a country we should also ensure that recurrent expenditure should not undermine development efforts in the country,” added Mr. Ruto.

The Deputy President said the ongoing evaluation being carried out by SRC is aimed at ensuring public officers are paid for what they do.

“We do not want a situation where we are paid more than what they do. This is why SRC is carrying out an evaluation on this matter,” said Mr. Ruto.

He said the Government was investing heavily in the education sector noting that educated citizens were a great resource a country could have.

“We are investing a lot of resources in the education sector because we believe it is through the development of education that we can transform the country,” said Mr. Ruto.

The Deputy President said the Government was committed to transforming the lives of sugarcane farmers in western region among other areas.

He assured that the Government efforts to fully revive the Mumias factory were ongoing.

“Sugarcane farmers will also benefit from subsidized fertilizers just like their maize, tea and coffee colleagues,” he said.

MPs Emmanuel Wangwe (Navokholo), Malulu Injendi (Malava) Ben Washiali (Mumias East) and Bernard Shinali (Ikolomani) said they will continue to support the Government in implementing its development agenda for all Kenyans.

They said praised the ongoing efforts to revive the Mumias sugar factory and told off those undermining development efforts.

“We will continue to work with the Jubilee administration in ensuring problems facing our people are solved,” said Mr. Washiali.

Bishop Beneah Salala told Kenyans to support the Government in implementing its agenda for the people instead of criticizing it even on matters beneficial to the people.

“As leaders we should support the work of the Government in implementing its development agenda in all parts of the country,” said Bishop Salala.


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