Security enhanced in Nairobi after intelligence warning


Security has been beefed up in key installations recently mentioned in an intelligence report which warned they were targets of the Al-Shabaab terror group.
In Parliament, the number of armed police officers has been increased as a surveillance system continues to be put in place.

In addition, the Parliamentary Service Commission is set to vet all parliamentary staff after police linked a Senate employee of plotting to facilitate an Al-Shabaab attack in Parliament buildings.

The suspect who has since been arrested will remain in police custody for 10 days as detectives try to unearth his alleged involvement with the terror group.

He is alleged to be associated with Pumwani’s Riyadh mosque which has previously been linked to terror activities in the country.

“The group (Al-Shabaab) wants to use an operative who is affiliated to Pumwani Riyadh Mosque who is also a staff member at the Senate to actualise the attack,” read a letter by the Central OCPD Paul Wanjama to the Officer commanding Parliament Police Station.

Other places mentioned in the intelligence report include Muthurwa market, Nairobi Pentecostal Church, Holy Family Basilica, St Andrews PCEA Church and the University of Nairobi.
“There is need to enhance security vigilance in the areas targeted by Al-Shabaab for attacks to neutralize the threat,” Wanjama emphasised.

A senior police officer told Capital FM News that police officers both in civilian clothes and uniform have been deployed in all hot spots to thwart any terror attack within the city.

“You will notice constant police patrols in the city, we remain watchful,” he said.

Nairobi is this Sunday set to host US Secretary of State John Kerry ahead of a visit by President Barrack Obama in July.

Kerry will particularly discuss with the government issues of security more so after the recent terror attack at Garissa University College.

Militants from Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Shabaab rebels attacked the campus in northeastern Kenya on April 2, singling out non-Muslim students and killing 148 people.