Serial Killer Philip Onyancha Finally Confesses And Reveals How And Why He Killed 19 Women

Philip Onyancha send shivers and very cold chills down the spines of many in 2010 when he was finally nabbed after killing 19 women and sucked their blood.


The world was taken aback by this serial killer who even confessed to have targeted 100 of them but by the time he was caught red handed, he had managed 19. That’s no mean figure either.

Many wondered how and why he managed to do so without being caught. He led the police to various places where he had dumped the remains of his victims, shocking the country even more.

And five years down the line, Onyancha who was sentenced to 12 years in jail for rape and murder, finally confesses his heinous acts, reveals why and how he did it and what he thinks he will be in future.

Speaking to Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan, Onyancha admits that indeed he killed 19 women but denies to have drunk their blood.

“I only came up with the idea of drinking their blood to blow up the whole thing. In fact I have never sucked any human blood in my life,” Onyancha who looks composed tells Lulu.

The serial killer goes on to narrate why he started the infamous mission, saying that as a child, a female guardian molested him sexually and this sparked his hatred for women. He therefore swore to kill to revenge.

“I was molested sexually by my female guardian when I was young,” Onyancha says.

Onyancha , who seems remorseful now, says that he regrets everything he did. He regrets having killed 19 women and children and says he cannot fathom what he was doing at that time.

He says that his actions are highly regrettable and asks for forgiveness from the victims’ relatives and friends and all Kenyans.

The serial killer says that he tried to get out of this horrible situation but every time of the day he tried he couldn’t.

How did he meet his victims?

“If we met on the road I greeted them and they could not resist me,” Onyancha says.

The serial killer is now a record keeper for the ailing inmates at the Kenyatta National Hospital and seems to have changed and sports a completely different look from the Onyancha we saw 5 years ago.

Here is the whole interview he had with Lulu Hassan: