Sh30 million spendthrift robber out on Sh2.5 million cash bail

One of the four robbers who stole over Sh30 million from an NGO worker was released on a cash bail of Sh2.5 million on Monday.

Resident Magistrate Pamela Mugure granted Brian Otiende Ayanga the bail after the prosecution accepted the charges against him.

Ayanga is facing charges of stealing $150,000, equivalent to Sh13.5 million, the gang having shared the loot equally.

The robbers spent a chunk of the money in Mombasa and Naivasha during the holidays.

They took flights to the Coast with their girlfriends and stayed at two hotels charging Sh20,000 a night.

They also bought Mercedes Benz 320e series cars and furnished newly rented four-bedroom houses in Buru Buru.

Ngung’u told the police that she was attacked outside ABC Place on Waiyaki Way.

She said she had just withdrawn the money from CFC Bank, Lion Place branch.

She said the money was the payroll for staff of Mechem, an NGO based in South Africa, with staff in South Sudan and Somalia.

Otiende earlier told the police that he is the Kamukunji youth CDF chairman.

He also alleged being the personal assistant of a Kamukunji parliamentary poll loser.

Police said the suspects had long used their connections with politicians from Eastlands to hide their crimes and escape arrest.

Mbingu was charged at a Nairobi court last week.