Sheen makes racist comment about Obama


Actor Charlie Sheen posted a racist comment about US President Barack Obama, calling him “Barry Satera Kenya”. “Barry Satera Kenya, you won’t attend a soldier’s funeral across the street that you killed, yet you have time for brackets? Sad,” the actor posted on his Twitter page on Wednesday, reported IANS.

‘Barry Satera Kenya’ refers to Obama’s African heritage, as his father came from Rachyuonyo District in Kenya, even though Obama himself was born in Hawaii. The meaning of word ‘Satera’ is left unexplained. The 49-year-old’s anger appeared to be fuelled by Obama’s appearance at the bracket on ESPN, an annual tradition during his presidency, instead of attending a soldier’s funeral. The funeral may refer to that of a two-star general, who was killed in Afghanistan.

However, his accusation that the funeral had been ignored by the administration could be challenged, as the ceremony was attended by US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Sheen’s tweet sparked an outburst from other Twitter users, with one commenting, “He can’t attend every funeral, grow up.” Others said that mentioning Kenya in his tweet was racist.

This is not the first time that Sheen has been in the news for stirring up a controversy. He was previously replaced from the sitcom Two and a Half Men after he made derogatory remarks about the show’s producer Chuck Lorre, reported The Guardian.