Shocking Fact: A Cow Has Started Eating Sheeps

A farmer in Kenya has discovered that his dairy cow has started eating sheep instead of vegetable diet.


Charles Mamboleo, who runs a farm in south-western Nakuru County, found that one morning his cow was feeding on a sheep and stabbed it to death.

According to the report, Fresh food and water couldn’t tempt the cow, and another sheep was eaten by that cow the very next day.

“After the first incident, we thought the cow was starving, so we increased the supply of fodder and water, but it still continued chasing after sheep,” says Mr Mamboleo.

His wife, Ms Consepta Kerubo, expressed fear that the animal could start feeding on her children.

According to a local agricultural officer Albert Kabugi, “The dry season, which has just ended, has seen most animals lack minerals found in green grass and developing a taste for meat could be a sign of a nutrient deficiency.

To remind you that cows are herbivores and their primary nutritional intake is plant matter – grasses, weeds, leaves, etc.

It is important to mention here that in 2007 it was found through a film that a calf in India’s West Bengal region was eating chickens.

A local veterinary doctor said he suspected a lack of vital minerals was also to blame in that case, noting that it could happen in “exceptional” circumstances.


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