Smartphone case-printer is over-funded in under 1 hour

If you’re among the group that needs to print selfies or other photos from your smartphone while on the go, Tuesday is your day to get excited.

French tech company Prynt has launched its Kickstarter campaign for a smartphone case/docking station that will print photos directly from your iPhone in 30 seconds.

The company, which hopes there are plenty of retro-techies out there, hopes to bring the pocket printer to market this summer for $99. But early birds signing up for the Kickstarter campaign can jump in for $49.

At shortly after 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Prynt’s campaign was already 112 percent funded at $55,869 — so there appears to be a market.

What is Prynt?

It’s basically a smartphone case that attaches to your iPhone/Android smartphone — a tad bulkier than a case, actually — that turns you gadget into a Polaroid.

Remember those?

It will print a photo from your gallery or social media in 30 seconds.

But wait — there’s more!

Prynt also does something a Polaroid never dreamed of doing.

Dock your smartphone into the Prynt gadget and aim it a photo you just prints and the photo comes to life — the people in the photo move around in what Prynt executives call augmented reality.

Yes, like in the “Harry Potter” movies.

Way cool.

Some folks doubt there is a market for an on-the-go printer. Who would need to print a photo that quickly, critics ask? why not wait to get home?

Well, in the time it took you to read this story, 161 additional people kicked in cash to fund the project.