‘Suspension of speed governors based on graft’

Manufacturers of speed governors have complained about a move by the Government to suspend the gadgets.

Speaking in Nairobi Sunday, officials of the companies read mischief in their suspension, claiming it was a ploy to drive them out of the market and replace them with companies linked to powerful personalities in Government. They spoke under the umbrella of the Speed Governor and Road Safety Association (SGRSA).

 The Ministry of Transport, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and Kenya Bureau of Standards suspended the speed governors on grounds they were not safe.

“The suspension has nothing to do with safety. It is about corruption and creating business for some people. But we are ready to challenge it in court if it is not reversed,” said Dalcom Enterprises Chief Executive Officer David Njoroge.

“We are not ready to recall our speed limiters. The vehicles in which we have fitted them have not complained. If they have any issues, they can always contact us because they have a two-year warranty,” he said.

Ekas Technologies Limited Director Wambugu Nyamu dismissed claims by NTSA that the decision was taken after a comprehensive study of the gadgets in the markets.

He said no such study was conducted, adding that recent tests conducted were based on the results of a prototype gadget called Universal Policing Unit (UPU), which is still undergoing development. The tests were done late last year.

“The UPU was still at development stage and cannot be relied on to give final results. Even NTSA knows. They are just creating excuses to push us out of the market. We challenge them to conduct random tests on vehicles fitted with our governors and take them for inspection,” he said.

They told the Transport ministry to reverse the suspension until a proper study was conducted.

They have written to Transport Principal Secretary Nduva Muli seeking his intervention. They also claimed NTSA officials had been compromised.