Tanzanian man ‘beheaded and cooked’ over adultery

A local leader in Tanzania was attacked and beheaded by a gang of men, who then cooked some of his body parts, allegedly following accusations of adultery, police said Sunday.

The attack took place on Friday night in the southern Katavi region of the east Africannation, local police chief Dhahiri Kidavashari said, naming the dead man as 31-year old Richard Madirisha.

“Five people stormed Madirisha’s room wielding machetes, beheaded him, chopped off legs, hands and genitals,” Kidavashari told AFP by telephone Sunday, adding there were reports implicating Madirisha with acts of adultery.

“The assailants later cooked the chopped off body parts outside the house,” he added.

Three men are being questioned by police, Kidavashari said.