This is how to save yourself from choking if you are alone

This video could save your life one day.

The standard method to save someone’s life if they are choking is to use the Heimlich Maneuvre.

However, the Heimlich Maneuvre requires two people. So what would you do if you were on your own?

Jeff Rehman, a firefighter and paramedic based in the USA, thinks he has the answer.

The former boxer suggests first getting on your hands and knees.

Next he says to drop down onto your chest to push the air in your lungs out.

He suggests this burst of air from your diaphragm should help force the thing that is lodged in your throat out.

Or at least move it to enable you to breath.

Rehman says he developed the technique from an exercise he used to use during his boxing days – back in the 1980s.