This Woman Helped Paul Magu Kill His Wife,His Daughter And Possibly His 2 Lost Sons In A Satanic Ritual.


The nation has been gripped by the shocking death of Former lawyer Paul Magu,his wife Lydia Magu and their 5-year old daughter Tifanny Magu. Its a story that seems to never will end…Or find an exit. Reading like a Nigerian Occult Movie script,the dastardly details of Paul Magu’s death,that of his wife and their daughter,and the mysterious disappearance of their two chubby sons has captured the Nation’s attention. Ignited Social Media and led families and homes into panic mode.

Paul died last week along the Thika-Garissa road after apparently throwing himself on the path of a speeding bus. His wife’s badly mutilated and burnt body had been discovered a day earlier at a thicket near Paradise Lost haven,Kiambu. And their daughter Tiffany’s little charred body was also discovered 2 days ago near Tatu City in Ruiru. Crazy crazy crazy.

And there was massive amounts of blood in Paul’s bedroom. And ashes at the backyard of his house. Their 2 sons are still missing…And the search for them has reached stratospheric levels.

It has finally been revealed that Paul was an avid Church member…belonging to some dubious Nigerian-originated Church. Next time You hear Nigeria and Church in the same sentence,please run.

And Paul was not alone in his Church activities. He was working in cahoot with some shady-looking Woman named Pastor  Anne Wambui Wanyoro who has since been arrested.

Pastor  Anne Wambui Wanyoro, police say, could have crucial leads that will help resolve the mysterious death of Mr Magu, his wife Lydia and their child Tiffany as well as the whereabouts of the couple’s two missing boys.

Pastor Anne was suspected to have been in constant communication with Mr Paul Magu just before, during and after he allegedly murdered his family members and was arraigned in the Kiambu Law Court Yesterday.

Mr Magu’s passport, which was found in his house moments after his body was discovered along the Thika- Garrissa Highway, indicated that he had visited Nigeria on several occasions.

Inside the house too, a room that he used as a shrine was discovered, where relatives and the house help said he spent most of his time with Ms Wanyoro.

The room had several spiritual materials that included teachings on curses, misery and wealth. They included CDs and books.

He had also written a suicide note stating: “I cannot live a life of ridicule and embarrassment. Let it be.”

On Tuesday, the court allowed the police to detain Ms Wanyoro at the Muthaiga Police Station for two weeks as they carry out investigations into the murders.

In an affidavit, the Criminal Investigation Officer Maxwell Otieno, told the court that Mr Magu had under unclear circumstances, intended to transfer ownership of some of his property to Ms Wanyoro in a will deposited through his lawyer, John Ochola Odhiambo..

“For a period of four days between November 16 and November 19, the suspect Ann Wambui Nyoro stayed in the house of Mr Magu and performed what was described by the house help as cultist rituals,” Mr Otieno, who is attached to the CID headquarters’ Serious Crime Section, said in the affidavit.

He said even after the murder of Mrs Magu on Sunday, Ms Wanyoro spent time with the deceased severally and the two even visited several places together.

The suspect did not plead as the magistrate Catherine Oluoch granted the police the permission to detain her for fourteen days.

Here is the Woman…..



And well,the drama continues. As the search for the poor boys intensifies…

Credit,Nairobi News.