Two Garissa Colleges to Remain Closed Until Security Is Upgraded

TWO learning institutions in Garissa have postponed their reopening dates until recommendations of the county security committee are implemented.

The decision was made yesterday after the team met the management of Garissa Teachers College and North Eastern Province Technical Training Institute.

The two are among institutions of higher learning believed to be targeted by al Shabaab.

“Security of all learning institutions, whether private or public, is of utmost concern to the government,” acting county commissioner James Kianda said.

“We will make sure every student feels secure.”

Kianda was speaking to the press in his office.

The administrator said the recommendations include reinforcement of their perimeter fence with ‘mathenge’ thorny bushes.

Overgrown trees are to be trimmed to ensure security officers’ surveillance of the compound is not obstructed.

Faulty security lights should be replaced and flash lights installed.

“The institutions should provide IDs to all members of staff and students,” Kianda said.