[VIDEO] Jimmy Gait in Jesus clothing apologises to Kenyans with ‘Today’

In a new video, controversial gospel music singer, Jimmy Gait, has chosen to wear what looks like a modern version of Jesus’ cloak . The white piece of clothing, the crooner says, was inspired by the way the Saviour and people in his time dressed.

The music arrives just a week after Jimmy Gait was attacked by the Kenyan populace for likening the ministry of Jesus Christ to the obnoxious old men who prey on young girls – commonly known in the country by the catchy term ‘sponsor’.

The allusion made him a meme on social media as self-righteous Kenyans on Twitter ripped him apart as they made jokes about the singer.

Jimmy Gait, Tuko reports, was spoke on Friday night, July 1, with NTV‘s Larry Madowo on The Trend where he almost very convincingly defended his song ‘Yesu Ndie Sponsor’ as being the same as the teachings of Christ in the bible.

Last week, the blogosphere was awash with criticisms with many feeling that the singer had lost it and could no longer be depended upon to churn out meaningful and impactful music as he used to, back in his glory days. Many feel he is always rattling KOT to remain relevant.

In the said interview, Gait apologised to Kenyans by firstly admitting to his fallible nature and owned to his mistake on how mis-packaging of the song ended up being misinterpreted. But he was also quick to clarify that he had not appeared on the show to defend himself and won’t apologise for using the term ‘sponsor’ citing the dictionary meaning.

Gait, in his defence, also admitted that he loved jumping on trends as it made it easier for  him to speak to people with things they can relate to – just like Jesus and parables. He even made detailed references to the bible while justifying why he felt that it was okay for him to use whatever trend proverbially.

This is not the first time Jimmy Gait has received the wrath of KOT, back in 2015, he was attacked after dropping his cover for Adelle’s super popular song ‘Hello’, which had been trending worldwide at the time. He was accused of losing himself while trying too hard to remain in an industry that he had lost touch with.


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