Wanted terror suspect linked to NIS officer’s murder arrested in Mombasa


Wanted terror suspect Ikirima Shosi, who was arrested at a night club in Mombasa on Thursday evening. Photo/ELKANA JACOB

A wanted terror suspect accused of killing a senior intelligence officer in Mombasa last year has been arrested.

Ikirima Shosi is believed to have murdered Hashim Omar, a senior National Intelligence Service officer in Mombasa in July, 2015.

Police said he is an al Shabaab recruit behind a series of attacks targeting security officers and informers.

Detectives arrested Ikirima at a night club on Thursday, Mombasa Urban CID boss NanguluZack said on Friday.

Zack said the suspect will be questioned by detectives, including ATPU officers, on the whereabouts of his brother, terror suspect Ismael Shosi.

He said he will be arraigned in court after “a proper grilling”.

Police intensified the search for Ismael and Hussein Omar aka Babii after stolen police guns were found at their homes in Majengo during a raid on Monday.

A G3 rifle stolen from a police officer guarding Gulf Africa bank on October 2, 2015, an M4 rifle stolen in November 2014, 345 bullets, 15 phones and a laptop were recovered.

Officers said the weapons belonged to the two who are in a police list of the most wanted terror suspects.