WATCH: Teens attacked at Pongola petrol station

Police have launched an internal investigation after members of the service allegedly stood by and watched on as a group of teenage boys were assaulted at a petrol station in Pongola in northern KZN recently.

The attack came to light in a video which shows a large group of people repeatedly beating the teenagers – believed to be from Vryheid – at an Engen garage.

The assault is said to have taken place on Sunday, but it is still not clear what led to the youngsters being violently lashed with sticks.

Police officers can be seen in the footage, but for the duration of the clip it appears there are no attempts from them to defuse the situation.

The police’s Thulani Zwane has confirmed that a case has not yet been opened.

”We have started our internal investigation after we received allegations that police did not do anything when they were called to attend to a [fight] that was reported in the Pongola area.

”Up to now no one has come forward to report or open any case of assault by both parties who were [involved]. But from a police side we have started our internal investigation and if there was anyone in the wrong, then departmental steps will be taken against the police officers,” he said.

Meanwhile, The Citizen has quoted a police colonel as saying the teenagers admitted to having consumed alcohol on the day.

You can watch the video below:

WARNING: viewer discretion is advised.