What rapper Octopizzo said about his house helps


Famous for his “Number nane” trademark phrase, Kenyan rapper Octopizzo is known for his hassle to make Kibera popular.

Thanks to his music, he has been able to draw attention to the lifestyle in Kibera whose name evolved to be “the chocolate city” owing to the vast potential that lies untapped within the area code.

In celebration of the dear mothers who do an impressive job at birthing, raising and ensuring that their children have the best in life, many celebrities took to social media with heartfelt messages to their mothers but Octopizzo did something different.

Despite losing his mother a while back, he appreciated the mother of his children, and the other beautiful women that he admits, plays the roles of mothers, but are often under appreciated.

“And coz its Mothers Day week & Most of the time we forget to appreciate our House-helps & nannies who we trust our kids with & they are the 2nd mothers to our kids, when the biological mums aren’t there.

I want to give a big thanks 2 my amazing house helps/Nannies Mary & Roselyn for the amazing job they do, nobody can do it better than you ladies. Thanks So Much.” Octopizzo said in a heartfelt message in which he also flaunted his house helps.